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The Secret of Love

10 Simple Steps to Finding the Right Relationship

For many people who have been disappointed in love, who have never found the right person, or who always seem to pick the wrong kind of partner, getting the love you desire and deserve seems impossible. But it’s not. The secret to finding that special someone begins and ends with you. It is in your hands. You are the magician who can transform your love life and find either your prince or princess.

In this book, you will discover the winning formula in ten simple steps to finding the right relationship. But, as in all the fairy tales, the hero or heroine is warned about the poisoned apple … be careful what you ask for. When considering a partner for life, ask for a person with the very best of qualities because after you have completed the techniques in this book, you are going to get what you ask for. Make sure it is what you desire and deserve.

In this self-help book on finding the right love partner, romance author Arabella Sheraton outlines a 10-step, foolproof plan for finding the person who is perfect for you. You don’t need a long drawn out explanation: Ms. Sheraton (with some pithy advice from Jane Austen) gets to the heart of the matter and show readers how finding love begins and ends with them. Find out how to shed the pain of past relationships; create the blueprint of your perfect match; get back into the dating scene and avoid the pitfalls. Find out what men want! Find out what women want! Find out how to dump that old baggage. Find the right person for you the right way.