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My Top Ten Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is a special day for declaring and sharing love with that special person. For some people there’s nothing more romantic than snuggling together with romantic music or a movie that inspires; for others, it might be hot air ballooning over the sand dunes, or something really extreme. There’s something special in the way all couples celebrate their love.

My Top Ten:

1. A surprise date night (he remembered!) at a favourite restaurant with the complete candle-lit ambiance, music to swoon by, and the most memorable meal. We travel there by limousine!

2. A surprise date night with dinner cooked by my partner, with candles all through the house, red rose petals strewn everywhere and romantic music playing.

3. A weekend getaway at a safari or country lodge, out in the bush, listening to the night sounds of wildlife and being away from the city … just us!

4. My partner sky writes his message of love across the sky, telling everyone how he feels.

5. Bouquets of red roses arrive at my office, making all my colleagues green with envy.

6. My partner creates a spa at home with scented oils, soft music playing, champagne to get us relaxed and in the mood…

7. Waking up to a champagne breakfast, cooked and served by my loving partner, complete with a fabulous gift of something very special (perfume, lingerie, jewelry) and red roses.

8. A sunrise hot air balloon ride over a magnificent part of the countryside, with champagne and strawberries served on board.

9. A country picnic in a nature reserve with loads of delicious treats that one normally would not buy – and, of course, champagne.

10. Just him remembering to get a card would be nice…