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My Top Ten Swoon-worthy Regency Romance Heroes

This is an easy list to create as I have a Little Black Book of Heroes that I flip through occasionally, and fondly imagine myself being swept into their arms?

1. Richard Armitage. I am totally in love with Richard since I saw him in North & South (BBC Classics). He is my current squeeze and graces my computer screen so I get to swoon over him every day. He has the kind of voice I could listen to all day. I could also look at him all day, too. It?s my dream to have dinner with him. (At the time of writing this, he is single!)

2. Rufus Sewell. This man has heartbreakingly good looks. He has a serenity about him that is restful, but look deeper into those green eyes and you?ll see the passion waiting to ignite.

3. Colin Firth. Yes, I know he is a bit past his sell-by date but I fell for him while watching Pride and Prejudice, especially the wet ruffled shirt as he emerges from the lake (sigh!) so he will always have a place on my list and in my heart.

4. Mark Strong. Totally and delectably gorgeous, even when he plays the baddy in a movie. He exudes strength and sex appeal, and I don?t care that he prefers to shave his head.

5. Aaron Eckhart. Blond and gorgeous with that cleft chin. I loved him in all his movie roles. He has a kind of innocence that I find appealing.

6. Christian Bale. The one and only Batman, I think he plays tortured souls very well and he is also hunky all over.

7. Gerard Butler. Need I say more than 300? I think it?s the Scottish accent that drives me wild. He also has a roguish charm that I find irresistible, as well as the fact that he has a very yummy physique.

8. Henry Cavill. The one and only Superman. Apart from his model good looks and utterly amazing physique, he comes across as a very nice guy who could also sit down and offer a sad girl a shoulder to cry on.

9. Chris Evans. What a body, very good looks, and also an innate niceness about him that would make a woman feel safe to be with him. He is also a bit naïve which I find likable.

10. Robert Downey, Jr. Not a usual choice, I know, but he has loads of personality, he works out, and he has a devilish charm that is quite irresistible. I think he could make me laugh, which is a very good thing.