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In this romantic traditional Regency novella, Patience Cherwell is resigned to a life of spinsterhood. Therefore, when her young friend, the lovely Lorna Hartley, comes to stay for a London season, she decides the eligible, charming Lord Blackwood is the perfect match for Lorna. Granted, Lord Blackwood, at forty, is much older than the vivacious 20-year-old Lorna, but Patience is determined to help her young friend make a good match.

So why isn’t she happy when his lordship and Lorna seem to like each other’s company? The problem is that Patience is already madly in love with his lordship! An unexpected invitation arrives for Lorna and Patience to attend Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball. This is the perfect moment for him to propose to Lorna. Mysteriously, a corsage arrives from an anonymous admirer. Who is it for? And what will be the outcome for the wearer at Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball? Patience and Lord Blackwood’s enchanting story continues in The Lady’s Revenge.

What Readers Say!

"Arabella Sheraton brings a wealth of joy with this swift seasonal read. Patience Cherwell is such an endearing heroine, she is everything you would imagine a genteel and kind woman of her time and upbringing should be. While she could have come across as boring or even uninteresting she doesn’t, she is attractive and intriguing, she is appealing in an understated, classic way. She is the perfect foil to her young friend’s vibrant beauty and the fact that Lord Blackwood sees her for who she is and recognizes her worth 

makes him a stellar hero. I loved the supporting characters in this story and the lovely descriptions. This was a whirlwind, fairytale-like story that had me smiling from the start and I’m still smiling days later. If you're looking for a beautiful break, this is a great choice. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author as this was a very enjoyable traditional Regency." -- Pauline Michael, Night Owl Reviews